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You can earn money as an associate primarily in three ways:

1.  Personal sales to consumers: You purchase the packages wholesale, market 
     them retail, and keep the substantial difference as profit!

2.  Training Sales: With your support, each new associate will make 2 training
     sales to qualify as a level 1 Director. You receive the profit from those 2
     training sales!

3.  Qualification Sales: Your associates will advance to the Level 2 and Level 3
     Director positions which require additional qualification sales. You receive
     those profits!

All new Coastal Vacations Sales Associates are required to make (with their Director’s help) 2 training/qualification sales. After this you are promoted to a Director and may now purchase the vacation packages wholesale and EARN $1,000 on each additional sale! As a Director with Coastal, you can sell the vacation packages as a great vacation value or help new associates get started with Coastal and receive the profit from the first two sales of every associate that you sign up, or do both! (Please have a Coastal Director explain this.)

Before moving onto the sales packages, take a look at our Marketing Plan and look at the Extraordinary potential of this business opportunity.  No Affiliate Program or Multilevel Marketing Program even compares!

Cruise / Vacation Package

The Coast Club Vacation Package consists of the finest vacation values in existence combined into one super package. Included in this comprehensive membership are huge discounts at thousands of exclusive condominium properties, up to 50% off at over 8,400 hotels internationally, up to 50% off at over 1,000 golf courses, over 100 free lift tickets at 260 ski resorts worldwide, 20-50% off at over 7,000 restaurants, theme parks, campsites, RV and car rentals. We have also added a FREE Carnival Cruise for 2 people, $4,000 in FREE airfare, as well as extensive BONUS VACATIONS. The total value of this PACKAGE is well over $15,000, available exclusively through YOU, our associate, for only $1,295. You earn $1,000 per sale!

Leadership Seminar Package

The level 2 Leadership Seminar is held at a beautiful Luxury Resort! Enjoy a relaxing vacation with all your favorite activities while attending our Level 2 Event. You will hear expert sales trainers and motivational speakers (many of them internationally acclaimed) as they assist you in increasing your personal effectiveness, marketing techniques and motivational skills. Next, you will rub elbows with the top income earners and hear how they prospect, train and develop their business. You will also learn the details of how to successfully sponsor huge income earning seminars! Last, you will learn how to structure your financial affairs and legally reduce your taxes by as much as 95%! Become judgment proof through asset protection strategies and truly learn the financial secrets that the Ultra-Wealthy have been utilizing for years! The total cost for the Vacation/Seminar Event is $3,500. You earn $3,000 per sale!


The Premiere Package is the combination of the Level 1 and Level 2 Packages, for those with the desire to "fast start" their income and position themselves for two levels of Directorship. Purchasing the Premiere Package not only saves you $800, but it also positions you to qualify for increased earnings potential more quickly. Many new associates choose to "jump-start" their new business with the Premier Package and move immediately into a position of leadership. The cost for The Premiere Package is $3,995. You earn $3,200 Per Sale!

The Millionaire's Conference

The Level 3 Millionaires Conference takes place at an elegant tropical location or aboard a luxury liner. Nothing has been spared in the way of luxury with respect to this event. You will enjoy a first-class luxury vacation and learn advanced strategies for managing your life and business. You will be educated on how to earn millions in your business by applying advanced administrative technologies. Financial experts will cover subjects such as international commodity exchanges, futures, global banking strategies, private stock and investment opportunities. By weeks-end, you will be utilizing long-hidden secrets and methods that elite "insiders" have been using for decades to build financial empires! The cost for The Level 3 Event is $7,000. You earn $6,300 Per Sale!


The Platinum Package includes The Coast Club Travel Package, The Level 2 and Level 3 events! Customers who purchase this combination package understand the value of commitment as well as leadership. Along with the $1,545 savings, associates starting with the Platinum Package realize the value of our opportunity and are rewarded handsomely by qualifying quickly for profits of $7,955 Per Sale! The cost for the Platinum Package is $10,250. 


Sell 3 Coastal Vacation Packages in one calendar month and receive $500 in grocery discounts good at your local supermarket! 

Or, sell 12 Coastal Vacations packages in one calendar month and receive 1 free Coastal Vacations Package ($295 value), $500 in grocery discounts and Bahamas Fly & Stay for 1 Adult. 


  • Earn $1,000 Per Sale You Make

  • Perfect and Legitimate Business Opportunity

  • Make Money From Home

  • Be Your Own Boss

  • Plug into a Turnkey Marketing System

  • FREE Marketing Information Lines (ready to use)

  • FREE Fax-on-Demand System (ready to use)

  • FREE Autoresponder System with Sales Letters

  • No Guesswork, Only Proven Strategies

  • Excellent Financing Options

  • Fantastic Support System - Also FREE!

  • Be part of a 4.4 Trillion Dollar Industry

  • A Product with Universal Appeal Worth $15,000 selling for only $1,295

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