1.  Purchase Your Resort Vacation Package.

Purchase the Coastal Travel Package for $1,295 from your director by first filling out the pre-application form (if paying in full) and mailing or faxing it back to your director.  Your director will give you payment details and will send $295 to the wholesaler and keep a $1,000 profit. The wholesaler immediately forwards your Coastal Vacations resort package to you, along with your complimentary cruise certificates and vacations. You may immediately begin to use the Coastal Package and take the vacations youíve always dreamed of!

For more information on other Payment Options, please Click Here.

2.  Setup your Personalized Web Site and Auto-responder System.

Email coastalwebpages@marketingoctane.com to obtain order information for your own personalized website.  Your Web Site will be personalized with your name, phone number, and e-mail address. By utilizing our proven marketing system along with the auto-responder system and website, you will be able to generate numerous leads that soon become money in your pocket!

3.  Complete Two Training Sales With Your Directors Help.

With all the leads you will generate through our marketing system, you will easily be able to make your first two sales with your director's assistance. Your director will train and assist you in generating these first two sales. Your director will retain these first two.  You will then be released and become a director, and purchase directly from the wholesaler.

4.  You Are Now A Director.  Earn $1,000 on Each And Every Sale.

You will now earn $1,000 for every sale that you make. This is yours to keep. There is no need to split this with an upline or downline, like in MLM. Itís all yours! Now you will train each of your new sales to become directors.  As you do, you will earn $1,000 for each of the first 2 sales that your new associates make!

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